Wednesday, July 20, 2011


July is here and almost done.... Crazy! But that means we have had a lot of awesome ministry that has happened and that is yet to come! God is moving, People are being saved and coming to know the reality of Christ! Yesterday, Micah, Joanna, and I went to meet the latest team to join us in the work that is going on here in South Africa. They are from Tulsa Oklahoma. While we were in the Airport, we went to a little shop.

It was in this shop, that I discovered something that made me absolutely sick to my stomach. There is a company that is making key chain sized voodoo dolls and selling them. There are at least 50 different types of dolls that are supposed to protect/help you with different things. They are clearly marketed to children. I was appalled! Not only are they taking something that is purely demonic, and making it look like a toy, they are spreading this to kids everywhere!!

What is happening to our world? The enemy is on the move, and at times it seems that as Christ followers, we are completely unaware. I'm seeing this more and more by sitting and talking to the people in the squatter camps. We have a lot of work to do, and we need to start NOW NOW!! So today I'm not going to give you a nugget of hope, but a challenge.... What are you doing to spread the word of God? Are you living for Christ, or for yourself? Are you sacreficing your comforts to reach out and tell people about the hope and life that can be offered because of Christ?

We all have excuses, and in fact I am the master of excuses! But Jesus told us to " go into the ALL the world and make disciples" We are to be telling people in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and homes about Jesus. This was the great commission. Which we as Christians have mistaken for the great suggestion.... So what are your excuses? Why aren't you telling people about Christ, living out the life of freedom you've been given through Christ??

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Well, it's been two weeks, but I've been so busy! I am so amazed at how God has been moving in me, and in the communities we've been working in. I've met so many people that have touc\hed me in a deep way. God has used these people to speak to me, and to move me. I don't know that I have time to talk about every single person, and I don't even know who to talk about. But I suppose I could pick one.

Her name is Josephine. She's 26, both of her parents died several years ago, and she is left to raise her younger sisters. She was telling me about how it's so hard sometimes to feel like everyone needs something from you, and you have so little to give. She was already a Christ follower, but I was able to pour into her life and encourage her in her relationship with Christ.

All this time I've been asking God to send me people I can encourage with my story. So when I met a young woman the same age as me with a similar story, I was blown away. But why?? Why do I get so surprised when God answers my prayers and gives me what I'm asking for? I feel like this is a condition of all of our hearts. We pray for direction and when God answers, we get upset because it's not the direction we wanted. We have this idea of what we think our lives should look like, and so when God disrupts that with His plan, we gripe and complain about it. And maybe it's not just the fact that our plans are so different from His, but when He asks us to give stuff up.

The other night, we had a session about missions and giving our lives for the gospel. As I was praying, God showed me that I have no problem giving my life, it's the stuff and people around me I have to be willing to give. He asked me "Nichie will you give your family for the gospel?" Oh man.... That's a deep question! Will I??  I'm working through this right now, knowing that in the end I will, but coming to terms with it now is the challenge.

This makes me wonder what else God wants me to give up for Him? And what about you? What is it that God is asking you to give up to further His kingdom?? Your comforts, your stuff, the people around you??

Yeah think about that for a while... And hopefully you'll be willing to give up on some things to go deeper and further with Chris!