Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I am learning the importance of community. While in Africa, I was constantly around people. We ate together, prayed together, shared a room (well separate rooms for the genders), and even brushed our teeth together! We were constantly in each others space, asking questions, checking up on each other, sharing victories, and burdens. So you can imagine my sadness when I came home and was no longer surrounded by a community. I slept in a room by myself and woke up to an empty house... No Fun!

I missed the family atmosphere, being constantly surrounded. Which if you knew me before, this is a huge change! I used to cherish my alone time, I had one night a week set aside just for me. Now don't get me wrong, I still cherish alone time, but man do I miss community. To remedy this, I have been spending time with some friends of mine. Here I get the family atmosphere. Trying to figure out what community looks like outside of that is the hard part. How do we make this work in a society that is individualistic and motivated by the desire to make their lives better?

In Acts 2 it talks about how the believers met together daily, they ate together. They shared everything. Everyone's needs were met. The focus was on community. Now even though I don't have an answer to my dilemma, I think it can start by focusing outward. Focusing on the people around us. Learning how to become the Acts 2 Church. My prayer is that we can learn to live in complete community, looking out for each other, caring for each other.

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