Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Out of Ashes

I believe that we like to be safe. In fact I know this! We are comfortable when we know that our lives are in a safe place, whether it be physically, financially, or emotionally. We don't like to step out of this place very often, and for those that do, there comes a great amount of criticism. We hate taking risks, unfortunately, this has leaked over into our view of Christ. If we keep God in a "safe" place, and at  a "safe" size, then we don't have to risk too much.

Think of it like a fire.We're good with a bonfire. It's contained, we can control it. There is very little risk of someone getting hurt. And when we're done we can put it out. I'm afraid this is what we've reduced God to. We like Him as long as we can keep Him contained. We don't want to allow Him to spread too much or get too big in our lives, because then we'll have to start changing. We'll have to give up things we love in order to make room Him.

For Shame!! God is not a bonfire!  No! In fact, I believe God is a wild fire. We fear a wildfire, because it is unpredictable, and we can't control them. They completely change the landscape and leave a path of wreckage and ashes. And when we look at it, that is all we see. But if we were to give it time, there will be something beautiful. The aftermath of a fire gives a chance for regrowth. A chance for beauty to rise out of the ashes. God will do the same with us. He will take what we see as destruction and wreckage, and He will make us beautiful.

Why do we continue to play it safe? We should be praying for Him to wreck us. We should be praying for God to reduce us to ashes! Paul rejoiced in the suffering, he was glad when trouble came and when God wrecked his life. This wasn't because he was a crazy man. (although by all means he totally was) But he rejoiced because this breaking brought glory to God. Paul was a shining example of God's glory in the wreckage. We are to be a display for the beauty and glory of God. But we've got to stop reducing God to a stinkin' bonfire! He is a wildfire, and all consuming, forest wrecking, life changing fire! It's up to us to recognize it, and then let Him have His way!

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