Sunday, October 30, 2011

An honest look at Halloween Candy

Well, as you know tomorrow is the big day. The day that kids look forward almost as much as they do Christmas. Halloween! A night to dress up in costumes and beg your neighbors for candy. Now Halloween just happens to be one of my very favorite days of the year. Basically I just love to dress up, but the candy is great too! There are so many candies that come out just around this time of year. Candy corn, pumpkin shaped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Giant bags of assorted candy... Ok so really the normal candy just turns into something bigger and Halloween shaped. But what it really comes down to, is what kind of candy you get at Halloween.

You see, about a week ago, I was in the store and the couple behind me in line put quite a few bags of quality candy on the belt. Almond Joy's, Hershey's, Laffy Taffy, Snickers.... All the stuff that makes walking the streets in pre-winter temperatures worth it. Those are the houses that make your trek a valuable one. But there are some candies that make you wonder why you even bothered. You know the ones I'm talking about. The off brand, tastes kind of like real candy, but really leaves you completely unsatisfied. There are three main categories of these candies

Chocolates: This covers anything from bars to candy shell covered pieces. The off brand usually feels like and tastes like wax. The biggest offender: Sixlets they're supposed to be a competitor for M&M's but don't even come close. The only thing Sixlets are good for are to launch them through a straw at a sibling or unsuspecting passerby...

Chewy Candies: Whether it be taffy that takes you 3 hours to chew, or the gummy worms that you break a tooth on, you must beware of the offbrand chewy candies. The real problem here is you either feel like you're eating pure sugar, or you end up chewing on tree sap.

Waxy candy: I'm not talking about waxy tasting or feeling, I'm talking about straight up wax. Wax lips, bottles filled with colored water, or anything made out of wax is not an appropriate alternative to candy. Nobody wants to be searching through their bag of goods only to find wax. You can't eat it, and nobody wants to trade with you for something better so really wax items are a total fail!

So to those of you passing out candy this year, please make wise choices in your candy selections. You don't want to be labeled as "that house" ya know the one that each year the kids say "oh no it's the house with the horrible candy"And then you run the risk of being egged or toilet papered for years to come. Besides once your labeled, the only way to redeem yourself is if you pass out full sized candy bars.

Have a safe and super fun Halloween!!

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