Tuesday, November 8, 2011

To write a Love Story

I recently have enjoyed watching the movie 'Kate and Leopold'. In case you've never seen it, it's a movie starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman. Leopold (Hugh Jackman) is from the 1800's and through some bizarre circumstances, is brought to present day (2003ish) New York City. He meets and falls in love with Kate.... Now that you're caught up ;)...

This movie really isn't a normal type for me. It's a little too mushy lovey dovey, and is not anything that I would normally pick. But there is an aspect to the movie I enjoy! It shows a romance. A gentleman (Leopold)  pursues the woman he has become captivated by (Kate). This raises in me the desire to pursued by the man God has set aside for me. But it makes me think about how over romanticized our society is.

Men and women watch movies, t.v., read books and magazines that all portray this idea of love that we've come to long for. We desire this idea of love that is portrayed through "whirlwind romances", "love at first sight", "love conquers all". We see these stories played out and we want it! We want that perfect moment with the right words,  precise lighting, and the ideal mate. We begin to make up checklists for our future mates. These lists only lead to brokenness, unmet expectations, and calloused hearts.

By creating our own lists and ideas of what love should look like, we create a story that can never be written. We're setting ourselves up for heart ache. By setting up standards according to the world and according to our own heart's there is absolutely no one who will measure up. And we can't expect them to.  But by measuring them by God's standards, we have the potential to find someone worth investing in.

Also, what we realize is that when we allow God to be our guide and matchmaker we will find someone to spend our lives with. It won't be perfect, and it won't always be easy, but it will be designed and focused on Christ. This relationship will be one of great strength that will become a marriage of spiritual richness. God will surprise us. It's a crazy ride and allowing God to write our stories all along the way will take us on a journeys unimaginable.

Personally, this is the kind of romance I want. A romance and relationship so focused on Christ that the journey is a beautiful picture of Christ's love for the church. And man do I look forward to that kind of love!!

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