Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Everyday annoyances. We all have them. Either they are things that happen daily that are completely out of our control, or perhaps it's something that someone else does. We all have them. Little moments that can drive us completely bonkers! And during the Holiday season, these annoyances seem to occur even more often, and to make it worse, they are 100 times more annoying! And to top it off these "issues" seem to bother us on a whole different level.
This could be because we are being pulled in 10 different directions from the moment we wake up to the second we finally drift off into a Christmas filled sleep. Or possibly all the "quality time" we're getting with our loved ones is putting us on edge. The list of reasons goes on. We tend to get frustrated, lash out at others, or hide behind a cheery smile until we can yell at an unsuspecting family member. It is, after all the "most wonderful time of the year".

However, the way in which we react  and handle the extra stress is completely up to us. Paul started out each of his letters with "Grace and Peace to you". Paul is saying no matter what is going on when you receive this letter, may God's grace wash over you and His peace fill you. No matter how stressed you are because your to do list is longer than your done list, Peace to you. Jesus told His disciples, "my peace I give you".... Jesus know these men were going to face some really hard and trying times. Jesus however, knew the peace that comes from His father. He knew that this peace could calm any fear or anxiety.

So right now during the Christmas season, remember God's peace. Remember that this is not a season just to get through, or a time to make every moment perfect. But it is a season to feel God's peace in new and refreshing ways. Know the peace of the father who calms the seas and keeps nature in it's beautiful rhythm. Merry Christmas friends! And may you find time to rest and truly enjoy the season!