Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I just have to brag on God...

To know the love of God is the most wonderful gift I've ever received. Over the last couple of weeks, I've experienced the utter and complete joy that comes from acknowledging and knowing the full love and acceptance of Jesus. To put it simply: 
God has been so good to me! 

The enemy of course has been relentless in his attacks on my joy. It's in a moment that I have the decision to allow him to steal this joy, or do I stand against the enemy's attempt to bring me down? I know that the power of Christ that is in me is far stronger than anything the devil throws at me. I've learned this simple truth

I am Christ's bride, His beautiful, chosen one! Nothing can change that! 

My prayer for you dear friend, is that you find this contentment in the Lord. That the words of the old song ring true to you "The joy of the Lord is my strength." I desire for you to find joy, peace, and love in the beautiful truth of God's never ending, all encompassing, life giving, love. 

I love you so very much!! And even more importantly, Jesus Loves you! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Just say it!

"I Love You"
Did that make you uncomfortable? Well, in honor of Valentines day, I would like to say to all of you reading that yes indeed, I love you! 
I feel like we take the word love so lightly, but that's not the subject for today. Instead I want to talk about how uncomfortable, and squeamish we can get when it comes to showing affection. I learned a lesson quite a few years ago about this very concept. 

I had a hard time telling the people around me that I loved them. It wasn't something we said all the time in my family, and it was just an implied thing... right? After my mom's accident, I had this wake up call. When you're faced with the possibility of a person not being in your life, you start to wonder if they ever knew how much you cared for them. Did you really ever say " I love you"? It was around this time that I found myself ending phone conversations with "love you". 

I'll admit that at first it was really hard for me to do, but eventually it became natural. It went from telling my family, to extending the same sentiments to my friends. I say all of this to challenge you.

Who do you love?

 Have you told them? I'm not talking about that person you've had a "not so secret" crush on for years but your friends, the people you hold in high esteem in your life. Who is it? Have you told them you loved them?

Don't just show it with actions, say it. There is something about hearing a person say they love you. I'll never forget the last time I heard my dad say he loved me. Dang I miss his voice, and there are days now that I just want to hear him say my name, and tell me that he loves me.

I think this matters so much to me because I know that one day, you're going to wake up and realize you never told your loved ones the truth. So this valentines, Just say it!!

Also, if I tell you I love you, it's because I genuinely do! It means you are important to me and I want you to know. So deal with it regardless of how uncomfortable you may feel!!

I LOVE YOU! and Happy Valentines day :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today is the end

Wow. Today is day 40 of my fast. I can't believe how quickly it  went by. I'm so grateful for all that I have learned in this time. God has shown me so much about what is ahead, and He's spoken words of comfort and courage to me. The issue of generational sin and bondage was pressed into my mind and heart over the last 40 days. Reading through the life of David and his descendants gave me great perspective. I have learned that...

The decisions and actions we make now can greatly effect the generations to come.

This really puts a lot of pressure on us to do the right thing, focus on the Lord, and take our own sin and bondage seriously. Dang!! I've begun to pray for my future family. My kids, my husband, even those who will come into contact with us. I want to know that I'm passing down blessings to the generations to come and not curses.... 

This is a short little bit of what I've learned, and there will be more. But thank you for praying for me and supporting me! What a beautiful time for the Lord to move and teach me!