Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today is the end

Wow. Today is day 40 of my fast. I can't believe how quickly it  went by. I'm so grateful for all that I have learned in this time. God has shown me so much about what is ahead, and He's spoken words of comfort and courage to me. The issue of generational sin and bondage was pressed into my mind and heart over the last 40 days. Reading through the life of David and his descendants gave me great perspective. I have learned that...

The decisions and actions we make now can greatly effect the generations to come.

This really puts a lot of pressure on us to do the right thing, focus on the Lord, and take our own sin and bondage seriously. Dang!! I've begun to pray for my future family. My kids, my husband, even those who will come into contact with us. I want to know that I'm passing down blessings to the generations to come and not curses.... 

This is a short little bit of what I've learned, and there will be more. But thank you for praying for me and supporting me! What a beautiful time for the Lord to move and teach me! 


  1. This is awesome, Nichie! I was praying for you during your 40 days, and I am so blessed to read this and hear what God was doing. This issue is one that has been very much pressed upon my heart as well. My family has experienced first-hand the incredible freedom from bondage that God will bring when you humble yourself before Him... generational sin is very real indeed, but praise God, He will break the chains if you let Him! Sadly there are too many Christians that never see that big picture or realize the generational impact they have.

  2. (That's Becky Gladhill, by the way!) :o)