Thursday, April 17, 2014

You are His

I know that I've been quiet on here for a while. Part of that just a lack of taking the time to even look at my blog, and part of that is just not feeling like I have anything to share. In all honesty, the last year has been a really rough one. I haven't always been my best during this season of waiting, and have been rather impatient at times. I'm then forced to face the fact that I haven't been the woman God wants me to be and am failing at shining His light in my life.

Seasons like this are often surrounded by feelings of isolation, depression, and frustration. Couple that with how often I grow impatient in the waiting, it makes for a very rocky journey. But in the middle of it, God reminds me that I am blessed, desired, and His. When I feel the weakness setting in, and my resolve to be better than I once was growing thin, I'm forced to turn once again towards the father. In my turning, He asks me to give up and give in. Give up trying to do it on my own, and give in to His never ending, all consuming grace that He continually offers.

In these moments, I'm also faced with the reality that no matter what, God is going to use me. He's going to call me out of my slump to a greater purpose, then gently push me to reshape my thinking. He helps me off the ground, helps me dust off and clean up from the pity party I'd been throwing. Reminds me I've got a path to follow, a journey to complete, and an adventure to chase!

So I'm wondering what kind of season are you in? Is it a hard season of testing? A time of isolation, or loneliness?  Or are you experiencing a season filled with joy and blessing?? Regardless of where you're at, God wants you to turn to Him. Seek His face, His purpose, and His will. He will gently pull you up, set your feet right, and then use you to be the salt and light of the earth. You are loved, valuable, and desired. And nothing will ever change that!