Friday, September 16, 2016

Let's Do This.... Again....

It's been a while.... in fact two years to be exact. It's not for lack of words or things to write about, but more lack of time, and lack of focus to put things down on computer screen.

Currently, I sit in one of my favorite coffee shops here in Joburg, working on a newsletter, staff manual, and teaching lesson all at once. This is a pretty typical pattern for me, working on several different projects at once. 

There are so many moments when I wish I could communicate with all of you the details of a day. To share the stories of people I've encountered. I wish I could sit across from you with a cup of coffee in hand, and share the things God has been revealing to me. But an ocean, and life in general prevents that from happening.

So instead, I've decided I want to get back up, and start writing again. So here's where I start...

Not with a lengthy post, or big words to try to convince you that I'm so smart.... But just with a

"Hey, I'm Nichie, I would love it if you would join me on this divine adventure." 

And if you've been following along, then would you consider this a point for us to recconect?

I'm excited to share with you the joys, struggles, and stories from this Divine Adventure!!